Buying a Chinchilla Procedure

$50 Non-refundable Deposit Required

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit on each chinchilla sold. This is deducted from total price of animal. Deposit can be paid either through the on-line store or via PayPal service. No animal will leave here before being weaned & fully paid for. Our PayPal email address is: cryaunk@gmail.com but email us all your contact info as well so we can mark it down in our books as sold.  

NOTE: Most baby chinchilla's sell way before weaning date.r

Chin Pickup

Most people drive to us to pick up their new pet. We are happy to arrange delivery or partial delivery for a fee of $1.00 per mile that we have to drive to cover time and expenses. So if we meet you say 50 miles away that is a 100 mile round trip for us so total delivery charge would be $100.00. This would have to be paid before delivery. We are located in East Texas near city of Chandler.

Live Animal Notice

When you pick up your animal it is healthy and in good condition (or we would not sell it). Having said that, when a live animal leaves our place we have ZERO control over how it is taken care of, temperature kept at, what it's fed, amount of handling and by whom, etc......so we are not responsible for the pet once it leaves our custody. We have been raising chinchilla's since 1996 and take great pride in our animals with frequent handling of your new baby! Any questions feel free to email, happy to help when we can. Do your research and see if a chinchilla isn't the unique pet for you!

Pricing Guidelines

We Sincerely Appreciate You Considering Us For Your Next Pet