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Chinchilla Enjoying a Little Attention

Petting a chinchilla.

Chinchilla Chewing on Bitty Bite

Chinchilla chewing on one of our fruit flavored bitty bites.

Ebony Chinchilla eating our Whole Grain Supplement

Check out this video of a chinchilla enjoying our Whole Grain Supplement available in our online store.

Chinchillas fighting over compressed hay cube.

Check out this great video of two chinchillas fighting over our compressed timothy/alfalfa hay cubes.

Chinchilla Eating Rose Hips

Check out this great video of chinchilla enjoying our dried rose hips.

Chinchilla Playing in Critter Cave Chew

Check out this great video of a beautiful white chinchilla playing in one of our Critter Cave Chews available in our on-line store.